August 2, 2014


Today a man contacted me-via email; Requesting help in finding a competent law firm, then assistance in filing a complaint with the State’s N.E.O.C. and the city’s local branch of the N.A.A.C.P. claiming that he and other African-Americans employees were being openly discriminated and worse some were fired without cause.  In a racist’s ran territory the task requested is easily said than done. I won’t get all wrapped up in any case laws or in depth analysis on procedures. My mission is to simply guide the employees in the right direction and at the same time to expose the protracted tactics the N.E.O.C. uses in the handling of its complaints.

Overall, neither of these agencies  including the Federal branch, the E.E.O.C. could care less about the civil rights of minorities and women. They advocate for the respondents in each and every complaint and at the same time cover up illegal activity-discrimination. If it were up to me I would dismantle the entire lot staffed in every state as well as the heads of this three headed snake in Washington, D.C. from chair to janitor, from slacks to skirts. All decision makers and their case investigators would be kicked out first.

I hope you the reader will also follow this case and make your opinions known.

August 15, 20

An employer, (business), commits an unlawful employment practice if he or she discharges an individual based on race or gender. Wrongfully terminated employees therefore must establish three basic legal facts, (1) that he or she is a member of  a protected class. (2) that he or she suffered lost from an adverse employment action and, (3) that employees of an non-protected class, normally whites, were or are not treated similarly.

But,even if a black employee violates a rule of misconduct, where white employees who engaged in similar acts are not disciplined, a light, according to federal laws turns on-a discrimination case forms wings. The company in question has willfully and intentionally violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and many other labor Laws. Basically, I instructed the gentleman to go hard, prepare for legal warfare, document the chain of events, gather witnesses,  submit signed affidavits as well as any and all other forms of evidence.

September 2014

This is my take of the history of the E.E.O.C. located in our nation’s capitol. Wherefore in 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act in the mid-summer. He further went on to assigned a predominately all white group of judges, lawyers, and a host of selected- unknown activist across the country to establish the guidelines and interpretations of what would become the dreadful birth of Title VII. I believe that the President signed the Act just to pacify and slow down the fast moving and plowing protests of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Outside Mr. Johnson, the American public has no knowledge of these panelist. How do we know they never took part in any public lynchings which were still common in those days, or raped or kidnapped children or even resided over cases that acquitted  thousands of murders committed by white mobs upon defenseless African-Americans.

The group was then divided into three bias-based panels. By using past civil right cases, filed by African-Americans in which were all dismissed  as a template of sorts, the first panel, as if they really cared about the civil rights of minorities or women. The panel focused on the impact of the law upon those involved, (government, employers, and politicians-mostly); History shows that over ninety percent of civil rights complaints that are filed places these agents as respondents or defendants. Similar selected panelists, comprised of all white citizens date back as far as the 1800’s with the same fruitless and powerless Acts passed.

September 10, 2016

Secondly, the second group or panel broadened the scope of Title VII, and anytime an object or law is stretched beyond its intentional purpose or meaning it can not overcome imminent  failure. Meaning the signing of the Act was to propitiate and appease African-American leaders and their White supporters, while yielding the rest of the nation and the world from taking sanctions against the USA. By the time panels  1 and 2 completed their shammed rules, policies  and procedures over ninety percent of civil rights cases file, on hold, were doomed for dismissal.

October 5, 2014

Again, panel-1, focused solely on the procedures of the law that effected government and big business and using the courts to narrow down the issues. This practice often smashes creditable witnesses along with pertinent and proper evidence in reaching lawful and just decisions. We must remember that judges, employers, and politicians composed the definition of Title VI I, therefore giving their peers a cushion in future violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, or literally carving a road map for their escape.

Panel-2, which was made up of white women, who constructed an even more dastardly deed in changing the framework in defining discrimination. They desperately  sought out to find and disguise a protected class; low and behold, the racist white women and uncle toms, (black women secretaries), stepped up to the plate once again. If she yells rape in the streets, black men are corralled up like wild animals, lynched by beatings and tortured, imprisoned and if rogue police are moved- being unarmed some blacks are murdered  in cold blooded shootings.

On the other hand, in the workplace, today the white racist-woman yells sexual harassment getting the very same results, blacks are terminated without hearings, witnesses or stating his side of the story. And there’s always an uncle tom ready to assist a white racist regardless of the cost.

A domino effect comes into play when the black man loses his job. His family begins to starve, homelessness is just days away, the lights and gas gets turn off, and within a month that man’s family stands at the threshold of division and utter misfortune. I bear more bad news for those who missed the stench of the summer’s breeze of 1964, white women on the panel made themselves the majority of the minority protected class of Title VII.




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