The Good Samaritans

The courageous lambs sacrifice life, limb and liberty to brave the  march along side the oppressed in spirit, exhausted in heart and agitated in mind. Both North and South during the 60’s until this day. Mixing  ingredients of power, might and will into a batch of hopelessness to out weigh the wolves’ measures of bigotry and racism. And by doing so, the end results of those donating their humanities to the common good, more than often concludes with dis-communication, utter rejection or death. And done so boldly by the hands of the bitter-hearts with no remorse; a self-elevated band of vain and rebellious people.

Although night sticks,  smoke booms, rubber-bullets and tasers broke/breaks flesh and bones. Tens of thousands of honorable Caucasians, Jews, Hispanics and Gentiles defied-Dog and bite; hose and water; gun and round; in order to witness the brilliant crown of equality, draped in her precious gems-flaunting on the magnificient head of ‘Justice for All.’

Now is the decisive time, yet for so long these racist-red eyed snakes, hide; yet for so long; posing as gods  and hacking the mire with double bellies- while wiggling their forked-tails to make null, void and bury American History, intentionally denying the minds of youthful generations their edification of just due truths. Your devious dealings has even sent the serpent to an early vacation.

But, the good Samaritans, of yesterday and today refused to submit to the culprits of freedom, these evil-doers, who held hate as their flag and discrimination as their national emblem. For they are quick to declare and disguise themselves as Christians, Muslims, and Jews for convenience sake; but not so diligent or hasty in obedience to the 66 books of Jesus Christ; nor the 114 Surah(s) of Allah nor the Torah of God.

Racist people have paved a hellish pathway to the unknown, convincing one another that their ancestors-was and will be aimed heaven-bound; nonsense ! Angels that had done less burns in sulfur and brimestone  as we speak. And every word that proceeds from out of their mouths and rolls off their tongues is blasphemy, and every sacrilege is loaded with sardonic rings and stuffed with contempt.

Let us not forget the rogue-rats hiding among decent Jehovah’s Witnesses, Buddhist, Zen and Greeks. And all these faiths, beliefs and teachings guarantees every soul engaging in the power and principalities of darkness and evil has permenant residence in suffering unquenchable flames.

Forget not that your vicious acts will haunt you, evil-ones; you clan of inveterating liars-know that your own diobolical schemes and dastardly deeds will be your steep downfall. Your wicked words and racist-deeds speak for themselves and they declare that you even hate God Almighty.

But to those of all races and nationalities , whom upheld their faiths and beliefs-Thank you for continuing in pattern-standing firm, at all cost for equal opportunity, freedoms and justice for all human beings. And if the color of one’s skin has cause this virus of evil to spread inside one’s heart, surely even mercy will abandon the hateful heart.

To those who yet live, live being dedicated to peace with all men and women. Furthermore, let us not act as the animals which oppress the poor and weary at heart-Reframe from foolishness, know that all Whites, Jews and Muslims are not racist people for it is not mathematically possible. Neither can every brother or sister be of good spirit for they wear hoodies too-to steal!






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