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Racist State


Also Democrats and Independents all birds of the same flock.


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Charities: Where’s the money?

  We see it on the news practically everyday in dozens of cities all over America. Where trumped -up local celebrities are given red carpets, shoe shines and rear wipes for their undisclosed work in the community. We also see some of those appointed heroes later on in their careers embezzling  hundreds of thousands and some even millions out of the accounts of churches and other charities they had swore to operate in an ethically fashion and provide for the poor and needy.

Even in city government, take the city located in Bell, California for example; a large number of city officials are under indictment for corruption and various counts of looting the city of its funds. this includes the mayor, the city treasure and even the city council. The whistle blowers had a royal ball to say the least, this time their concerns didn’t go unnoticed.

But our focus is on the so called respectable operators of a variety of charities. Since when does a charitable organization or city agency classify as good repute when 90% or more of their operation cost are used to pay their high salaries and thousands  of dollars are placed in the deep pockets of guest speakers just shooting the breeze and getting paid donated funds for one fruitless hour, saying nothing useful  nor offering any sound advice to assist the poor and needy in overcoming  their plights.

While the keepers of the cookie jars fatten themselves up with folly, hundres of thousands needy individuals and  poor families are suffering  everyday just to eat one meal. And if their burdens weren’t rough-enough, some shelters posing as mentions in the name of their god, not the true God, but their’s, have found it fitting to force the homeless into signing documents that waives nearly all of their constitutional rights, bogus wills and on top of that the homeless must pay rent for being homeless.

If the shoe fits wear it! The fact of the matter is that if you check out the top ten charities in your area, you will find that they are filled with some of the very same paid board members, sitting at a round table one hour a month composing a sham activity to rip off the poor, tax payers and God’s suffering sheep. You may be surprise to see those very same individuals also running city government as well . Religious leaders are also included in this wolf pack.  they are stuffing their stomaches up like alley rats at a dumpster dance. Many belong to every charity agency that coughs up money in order to have a board to meet state and federal requirements.

There are some board members acting as shepherds collecting an annual purse over $150,000, in smaller states and as much as a million in larger ones.

Employment : Apply In Person

ID-100198236In 1912, President Woodrow Wilson publicly required that all applicants submit a personal photograph along with their resumes if they chose to apply for a position in the white house or a government agency. This requirement was deemed racist and unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, American businesses like Woolworth’s for example invented the “Apply In Person” which is a racist code , which is today’s workplace  in full operation throughout the states. This diabolical measure allows the employer to see for him or herself the color, race, age, gender and visible handicaps an applicant may have. There are also companies using audio comparisons to sift through minority and women applicants be it by over the telephone from their voice and speech, or through simulated tests which asks various questions about personal beliefs (Religion/Genders) to name a few.

A good example follows: A  question directed at black male, may be asked if he sees a car theft  taking place would he inform the authorities? The myth that all black males know how to steal a car plays an important role here. If he says no, they suspects the applicant to be black. But, if he says , yes, then another race detecting question follows, like: Do you easily anger if thing s don’t go you way? This type of question is also another traditional myths-racist people use to classify African-American people since post-slavery blacks have been labelled to have short fuses and blow for the smallest of reasons. which explains why they are constantly tested on the job to see what button pushed would set off the explosion.

Many would argue that these  racist tactics are in our nation’s past, but those very same people would not belong to the black race, or female,  elderly or disable, or claim a second or another gender as well.

Promotions denied

A hard-working gentleman whose name has been concealed due to his present employment  situation in which he explained to me in confidence. He stated that he has been employed at a certain meat-packing  plant  for ten plus years. And that management certified him as a skill and learned employee on the cut-floor in the cold department. He is  qualified on all saw tables/stations, the crayovacs (seals packages of meat) and was appointed  several years ago as trainer over the entire department to both co-workers and supervisors. He mentioned that his present supervisors also received his training and through the years each have been awarded various certificates and bonuses.

Wherefore, he has been denied promotion after promotion every 90 days in which he has applied. He never missed a day of work. His evaluations fall short of excellence. He agreed to allow me to review his employment file and its contents were impressive to say the least. Not one reprimand nor wilful misconduct. His record was most definitely not impeding a promotion. I also discovered that he never received a raise, nor bonus or award as other white employees  that he  had trained who were being honored routinely with company bonuses and other gifts. The gentleman maintains that no matter how hard he labors or volunteers  for over-time or does jobs others refuse to do, the decision makers simply ignores all his efforts of expertise.

In Pottsville, Iowa a few years ago the government discovered  massive violations of human and civil rights violations  from child slavery, to fraud, to altering official U.S. documents, People who had no official names, place of birth and whatever lawless act that you can name has happened more than a dozen times.  A  federal task force should investigate more of these types of businesses in every state.

Furthermore, he stated that if he were white there would not be an issue concerning him being in the supervisor position. I replies to the gentleman and recommended that he record his craft with hydraulics, pneumatics and cutting tools as well as his training of  co-workers and supervisors into one sparking resume. I strongly suggested that he get that resume out in email and snail mail. It’s possible, I’m certain that there are dozens of companies searching the web and employment centers for an individual with his dexterity and proficiency regardless of the color of his skin. 

What would you do, the reader of this post? Would you part the waves or fight a losing battle?

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